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Product Sourcing

Whether you’re an East Asia product sourcing novice or a veteran, our team will understand your needs and deliver.

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Quality Inspection

We built our reputation on trust. Our quality inspection services are an integral part of building a sustaining partnership.

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Payment Arrangement

Transactions in varying currencies can be a costly headache. We provide the legwork to minimize fees and save stress.

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Logistics Consultation

Being informed of your options is crucial in logistics. We provide consulting included in our partnerships and a la carte.

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If your product sourcing needs require warehousing off-shore, we have several warehouse partnerships in China & SE Asia.

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Design & Branding

You can send your graphics and designs to be placed on the products, and if you need help with design, we have you covered.

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Request a free quote by clicking below – we’re confident our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. What are your unique needs?

Guaranteed Services

Altro Source has a track record of 100% product delivery success. You’re in safe hands with us.

Industry Experience

Spanning from working with the US government during crises to working with China’s government.

True Partnership

Altro Source is invested in long-term partnerships, where we both grow in synergy.


The bridge from East to Everywhere, we are your partner – ALTRO SOURCE

Altro Source provides the solutions to keep your business in growth mode

We only stay in business if you do, which is why we provide logistics, sourcing, warehousing and consulting services that deliver real value for our partners, and with guaranteed consistency. Our HQ in Armenia is at the true meeting point of East and West. With branches and warehouses in China and Southeast Asia, we provide our clients with the best product options for their business requirements.


Frequently asked questions

How do you source products?

It depends on what you need, and how we can get you the highest quality and lowest cost for purchasing and logistics. We have partnerships with manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. We do the research and legwork to ensure that what our clients are looking for, and where it’s from, provide optimum value and quality.

I already have a sourcing partner, but can you do warehousing?

Absolutely. Each of the five core services we offer can be part of a holistic package, or provided in an a la carte fashion. Contact us and we’ll see how to present you the best value. We’ll conduct discovery on your specific needs, do the research and talk to our partners – your quote is always free.

What if I get my products but they’re not what I wanted?

In our experience, this is extremely rare. This is because we spend the time and effort up front to mitigate such occurrences – it’s better to measure 10 times and cut once than measure twice and cut once. That being said, our reputation is built on the satisfaction of our clientele, so if any erroneous deliveries are made we back all transactions with a 100% guarantee.

I heard that dropshipping is the new big thing. Do you do that?

No, and we have our reasons. Dropshipping can work for some ecommerce vendors, but the margin for error and costs to our clients doesn’t align with Altro Source’s business philosophy. There are plenty of companies out there that will help you with dropshipping, but for our company it’s too much risk for too little reward. The majority of our clients don’t do dropshipping.

Peace of Mind

After a thorough discovery of your needs, we handle the rest - everything from factory to your door.

Highly Competitive Pricing

We’re all in business to make money - we save you costs to elevate your profit margin.

We Know The East

Our team has the experience and deep understanding of the culture and how to do business in East Asia.

The Customer Experience

The first thing you’ll notice about working with Altro Source is our interest in your business, before anything.


We will help you find medical masks (regular and FFP3), gloves, coveralls, sanitizers or any product supplier in China


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