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How do you source products?

It depends on what you need, and how we can get you the highest quality and lowest cost for purchasing and logistics. We have partnerships with manufacturers in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. We do the research and legwork to ensure that what our clients are looking for, and where it’s from, provide optimum value and quality.

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What is your MOQ?

It depends on the product. It could be 10 items or 10,000. But, we help our clients get a reasonable quantity to first of all check the speed and the quality of the product order and the get a feel of what to expect from a high-quantity shipment.

How Can I order?

If this is your first order, we need to talk first. Altro Source isn’t simply a China sourcing agent – we’re a partner and we need to precisely know how to fulfill your business needs. 

We measure 10 times and then cut. This circumvents common problems experienced when using other companies to buy wholesale from China or other Asian countries.

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How long does it take to manufacture once an order has been placed?

This all depends on the order quantity and the uniqueness of the items you are ordering. From order placement, it can vary from 2-7 days for general manufacturing and packaging. For ordering items that are already in stock from the manufacturer, it’s even less.

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Why should I work with Altro Source?

We aren’t simply a run of the mill China sourcing agent. Altro Source represents what Asia has to offer at its best to the rest of the world. Our professionalism is why we have government contracts in China and the other countries we operate in, as well as the US.

Even during this COVID-19 crisis, we’re helping bring vital items such as toilet tissue and protective masks from the largest suppliers to those in need, to keep their personnel and company afloat during a time that’s crippling international futures markets.

Now, we’re extending this level of our cooperative services to the private sector. This is why you should work with Altro Source.

What types of packaging do you usually use for products?

For goods, we provide flexibility so our customers get the best fit for the packaging they need for their market, as we cooperate with the manufacturer directly. Packaging can be padded and plain, or we can work with you to add designs to both the construction and exterior/interior surfaces for printing. This is all done before the order leaves port.

For shipping packaging, Altro Source works to ensure that once your order leaves Asia it arrives at your doorstep in full integrity. Different items will require differing levels of padding and packaging materials. Upon request, we can even provide custom shipping packaging arrangements if aesthetics are part of your order intentions.

I already have a sourcing partner, but can you do warehousing?

Absolutely. Each of the five core services we offer can be part of a holistic package, or provided in an a la carte fashion. Contact us and we’ll see how to present you the best value. We’ll conduct discovery on your specific needs, do the research and talk to our partners – your quote is always free.

Is it possible to put our logo on your product or product packaging?

Absolutely, and not only the logo. We can translate and print your regional language, specification codes and warnings on the product packaging as well.

What methods of payment do you accept?
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Payoneer 
  • Alibaba
  • Aliexpress


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What if I get my products but they’re not what I wanted?

In our experience, this is extremely rare. This is because we spend the time and effort up front to mitigate such occurrences – it’s better to measure 10 times and cut once than measure twice and cut once. That being said, our reputation is built on the satisfaction of our clientele, so if any erroneous deliveries are made we back all transactions with a 100% guarantee.

I heard that dropshipping is the new big thing. Do you do that?

No, and we have our reasons. Dropshipping can work for some ecommerce vendors, but the margin for error and costs to our clients doesn’t align with Altro Source’s business philosophy. There are plenty of companies out there that will help you with dropshipping, but for our company it’s too much risk for too little reward. The majority of our clients don’t do dropshipping.

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