Shipment options

If you want cheap shipping from China, keep looking. While our rates are highly competitive, there’s nothing cheap about Altro Source. We provide the optimal balance of timeliness & shipping rates.

By Land

Countries that border East Asia, such as Russia, rail freight logistics to deliver your orders can be an affordable alternative to sea and/or air.

By Sea

Sea freight, for North America and Europe, is a cost effective means of delivering your order if time is not of the essence.

By Air

For whe time is of the utmost importance, to any geographical location, we provide air freight service to deliver your order from East Asia.


Why Choose Us

  • Experience with Governments & Regulatory bodies
  • Relationships with various shipping companies
  • Experience with land, rail & air shipping organizations
  • Knowledge of local culture to negotiate the best price
  • Keen Awareness of what to expect in each method
  • 100% guarantee on each order and shipment
Fast & On Time Shipment

The delivery of your order is just as important as the order itself. What does it matter if the correct products are made but you never receive them?

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Product Categories

We can and do provide logistics for anything you can think of from Asia to the rest of the world. This includes/textiles/upholstery, electronic components, etc.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our reputation is everything, so we have no reservation for putting it on the line. We would not have this level of confidence if logistics was new territory.

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