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China and Southeast Asia produce more goods for export than any other region in the world. It’s big business, while some companies might be great at what they do, others may not.

Altro Source saves our clients precious time and money by using our own trusted teams, onshore, in each country we source from. Each step of the way, we provide our QI services to mitigate any chance that your order arrives at anything less than perfect.

China quality inspection

What We Inspect

Saying that our Quality Inspection services cover everything sounds very broad, but it’s the truth. For each order and transit stage, we inspect the following:

  • Order quantity
  • Product specifications
  • Color
  • Designs/logos/labels
  • Packaging
  • Defective/Damaged items
  • Custom inspections as per the order type

You can trust us

Ensure product quality at every production stage

Verify quality at the source and don’t pay for defective goods

Avoid recalls and reputational damage

Anticipate production and shipment delays


Do you need Quality Inspection?

We honestly set up this question because it’s fair to ask – will your business benefit from this? In rare cases, Quality Inspection is a superfluous measure to take, but it does happen. Yet, in most cases our clients insist on the added peace of mind from ensuring product quality at each stage of production and transportation.

After all, mistakes do happen. You don’t want to pay for defective goods, put your company’s reputation at risk by ordering a product recall, or similar case of loss. Altro Source’s Quality Inspection services help our clients anticipate production delays such as shortages, so they can adjust accordingly.

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Methods Of Inspection

As each of our clients have different business needs, we use different methods of QI. Each of our methods can be performed a la carte or combined, contingent upon your order specifications.

  • On-site inspection of 1 piece per 100
  • Virtual inspection using HD cameras
  • Factory supervision
  • Inspection at each transit point
  • Certification issuance 
  • Custom based on your needs
China quality inspection


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