1. Phone Sanitizers
  2. Phone Screen Magnifiers
  3. Selfie Ring Lights
  4. IP Security Cameras
  5. Bluetooth Speakers
  6. Smart Plugs
  7. Women’s Shapewear
  8. Gym Shorts
  9. Printed T-shirts
  10. Flat Sneakers

Honestly, 2020 is not what we expected it to be in 2019. Coronavirus didn’t exist; there was an abundance of forecasts with both optimism and pessimism resounding regarding the global economy; 2020 has been a challenge, to say the very least, for everyone on the planet.

Yet, to carry the same breath regarding the pessimism and optimism above, COVID-19 has had both negative and surprisingly positive impacts on the global marketplace. Further, there are some forecasted trends left unaffected by the current pandemic.

As expected, many brick and mortar businesses and entrepreneurs are shifting to incorporate an ecommerce model when one wasn’t in place before. At the same time, many ecommerce businesses are booming while the public is practicing social distancing and self-quarantine. Since this time last year, ecommerce sales have grown by 129%, much higher than the 20-30% YoY growth predicted before the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this article, we’re going to review what are the best-selling products in 2020, and why these items are trending. Some will seem logical given the global situation, while others are still some of the best wholesale products to source and sell via your eCommerce shop.

Phone Sanitizers

Smartphone Sanitizer Wholesale

These items have seen a direct boost in ecommerce sales as a result of the pandemic. COVID-19 can last on solid surfaces for up to 9 days, and we take our phones with us everywhere we go, indoors and out. 

While certain UV light frequencies have been long understood for their ability to kill viruses and bacteria, only recently have practical home/office items been making their way into the consumer marketplace.

This brings us to phone sanitizing devices – discreet (and often stylish) boxes that use UVC light to kill any and all viruses and bacteria on your phone. These are also very easy items to add custom logos and designs to build your brand.

Phone Screen Magnifiers

phone screen magnifier wholesale

Screen magnifiers are becoming increasingly popular, as you may wonder where all of the “phablet” and super-sized phone screens went off to. People prefer their phones to still be held and easily operated with one hand, which has kept screens large but not enormous. Yet, still not big enough to comfortably watch a movie with a friend. Which brings us to slim screen magnifiers.

Phone screen magnifiers are terrific, especially because they don’t require you to plug your phone into anything and are easily portable. Bring a Bluetooth speaker along, and you can turn a picnic into an afternoon at the cinema.

These are also fantastic items to personalize with your brand name/logo and buy in bulk as corporate gifts, for example. 

Selfie Ring Lights

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, features, and price points, but across the board, selfie ring lights are increasingly becoming popular. Retailing from $5-100+ each, there are battery-powered models that cater to young adults up through professional photographers which feature remote controls, various lighting options, and sturdy tripods.

Selfie ring lights, of whichever level of sophistication, are the new selfie sticks, with regards to how quickly we’re seeing their sales trend in 2020. 

IP Security Cameras

Security cameras have been popular for quite some time. However, what makes these some of the best-selling products and growing at almost 10% each year, is how affordable they’ve become since perhaps 10 years ago – advanced home security is no longer reserved only for the upper crust. 

With the declining price of production in China and Taiwan for IP security cameras, they’re now within the reach of most people that can afford a home or apartment in the first place. In ecommerce, these devices typically begin to retail at $20-30 apiece for entry-level quality, making them very attractive items to buy in bulk and retail for years to come.

Further, there are now a variety of cameras that seamlessly integrate with Smart Home platforms, such as those provided by Amazon, Google, Apple, and so on, making them even more attractive and accessible. 

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers in Bulk

Bluetooth, chargeable and portable speakers have been growing in popularity for some time, for good reason, and they continue to be trending products to buy wholesale and sell to consumers, as well as some of the best corporate gifts for employees.

When you’re sourcing Bluetooth speakers, keep in mind that being waterproof is their most valued attribute among consumers, even more so than aesthetics and audio quality. Make sure that you work with a sourcing partner that can not only provide you with options but quality assurance as well, especially when it comes to waterproofing and durability.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs in bulk

Whether you’re a homeowner or renting an apartment, smart plugs have been a godsend for those of us that want to either keep utility payments down and/or automate lamps and fans for certain times of the day/certain activities.

While still a newer entry to the global market, smart plugs are among the best-selling products for the modern home. Entry models start to retail at about $15 (sometimes for a pair) and go up to $30-40 for more advanced features and outdoor uses.

Women’s Shapewear

Women’s shapewear in recent times has become increasingly popular, as sizing has become more predictable amongst manufacturers as well as the overall quality of textiles used, while affordability continues to rise.

However, it’s highly recommended to work with an esteemed sourcing partner if you’re planning to order shapewear in bulk from China or other manufacturers in SE Asia. In this sector, it’s extremely competitive and with the sheer volume, as it were, of manufacturers producing seemingly high-quality products, you want the assurance that exactly what you’ve ordered is exactly what you get, particularly when placing a bulk order of thousands of items.

Gym Shorts

You might be surprised to hear that gym shorts are one of the best things to buy and sell in bulk this year. Seemingly innocuous, with a history of being parodied in movies referencing the 1980’s, the fact still remains that people want workout clothes. They want them affordable. They want them well made.

And, they want them easily customizable with logos and graphics.

Enter: gym shorts. With increases in textile quality, China has achieved an almost 40% market dominance over the global textile market. This means that bulk purchases are not only unbelievably affordable but also include trustworthiness of quality.

Talk to us about your gym short needs.

Printed T-shirts

There’s nothing more ubiquitous than a t-shirt with a graphic or logo printed on the chest. These have long ago transcended from being niche items to being a staple of the modern wardrobe without becoming outrageously expensive.

When we think of t-shirts, what comes up? Ease, style, awareness, attitude, etc. Pretty soon you’ll be going to your local sushi restaurant and BOOM get a t-shirt with the restaurant logo on it for your 25th dinner there.

What used to be the case when buying in bulk was to order a massive amount of apparel and get them printed close by. That’s no longer the case, and printing logos on your apparel is no longer something you need to do seaside, given modern quality control measures available even if you’re halfway across the world.

Flat Sneakers

It’s not a secret that many of the most adored and coveted sneaker brands all use the same handful of factories in China and SE Asia.

If you’re a designer, why not establish your brand?

When purchasing in bulk quantities, these iconic and fashionable sneakers become incredibly affordable. We’re talking about $7.50 a pair, with the same quality of materials and construction as what you see on the shelf at Foot Locker.

If this fits into your business model, we can’t think of a reason “why not” when you can sell sneakers at over 150% of your purchase price with minimal effort. The options are broad, with regards to design, as we can help you arrange for design to be handled on-shore before your order leaves port or via a custom design house elsewhere before your order arrives at your door.

Why Import From China?

A better question: why not?

Given the global shift regarding product valuation and consumption, due to COVID-19, it’s becoming abundantly clear that ecommerce is the present and future of global commerce.

No matter what gets thrown at us, people will recover, adapt, and sustain. 

And, with regards to ecommerce, in the same breath that the pandemic is driving us to cabin fever, the ecommerce trends 2020 are looking brighter than ever.

How To Import From China

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