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The Altro Source Process

The first thing you’ll notice about Altro Source is how much time and effort we spend on truly understanding your unique business needs. A full discovery discussion takes place before we even consider sending you a quote.

Given our experience, we’re confident that the initial quote we provide you will have an accuracy of +/- 12% at the most extreme ends. This gives our clients huge peace of mind, which is how we like to engage in business. 

Here’s what the Altro Source experience looks like for our product sourcing services:

Receiving the quote

Following an in depth discovery discussion, we contact our partners and do an evaluation of what is available at the time, from where, and what the costs are. This also includes researching what may not be available at present, but will be available in the near future.

Factory/Supplier/Manufacturer auditing

If matching products are available from sources we haven’t yet worked with before and trust, we conduct an in-depth audit of the factory, supplier and manufacturing practices. Low cost can sometimes mean lesser than perfect quality, but not always. We research what the case may be.

Price Negotiation

Once we’ve narrowed down our search to a handful of qualified suppliers, on your behalf we engage in negotiations with each. This is another step in which Altro Source ensures we’re getting you the best costs possible.

Send you photos of samples

You’ll hear us often say “it’s better to measure 10 times and cut once.” Once we’ve determined the ideal supplier for your needs, we include a photo collection of product samples for your review and approval.

Payment Management

Whether you are paying in dollars, euros, rubles, pounds, or any other currency, we take care of the rest. Altro Source manages the payment process, which can be a headache and costly, on your behalf.  We cut processing time and costs by up to 70% for our clients.

Production Management

Altro Source isn’t simply a China sourcing agent, where we place an order for you and make sure it’s shipped – we ensure that every step of the sourcing process is guaranteed to deliver you exactly what you need. This includes the product manufacturing process. For each country we operate in, we have partners that oversee the production process of your order.

Quality Inspection

If you have your own in-house QI team – fantastic. However, that is usually not the case for our western clientele. Whether we’re working with China wholesale suppliers or in Taiwan, Malaysia, or any other of the countries we work with, Altro Source has a team in each to perform QI before the products leave port.

Warehousing (optional)

As needed, Altro Source also provides warehousing services for your orders. We also provide this service a la carte, for China sourcing pros who need a trusted and reliable partner for affordable warehouse storage.


We conclude of course at shipping your product to you. Following our inspection of your order at port, we arrange shipping with the most trusted air and freight services. We find the equilibrium between delivery time and cost for our clients, so you don’t have to.

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