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AI InstaHealth Check

AI InstaHealth Check is an intelligent human face recognition plus temperature detection terminal. Using infrared thermal imaging technology for temperature detection, you will quickly detect whether a person has a fever or not.


Orders accepted from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK & EU Countries only.

Primary Features




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About The System

InstaHealth collects information in three capacities: 

  1. From ID cards
  2. Facial recognition
  3. Temperature measurement in real-time

This data is all stored, and can easily be exported as a table in several standard formats for reports on public health.

The terminal runs on Android and is equipped with a wide dynamic dual HD camera, an infrared (plus positive-white highlight fill) light for nighttime, a temperature measurement module, and its integrated structure.

Facial Recognition And Fever Detection

By combining facial recognition with fever detection, InstaHealth compounds two vital security services in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts:

  • Criminal or unauthorized person recognition
  • Fever detection, to prevent entry and spreading disease

Recognizing who has been detected with a fever, so the can be easily identified by health services. 

The device also stores the history of attendance and facial registration in a  database, so a user can access it any time. 

User-friendly Interface

Our software is of course included at no extra cost and can be easily installed on your own PC or server. Create separate user accounts with varying privileges, for example, an account can be created for a receptionist to only register visitors, while management has access to all data for reporting. 

Wifi goes down? No problem. InstaHealth stores all scan data in its hardware unit to upload once you’re back online.

Alarming System

Instant alerting the moment a fever is detected.

When a fever is detected, InstaHealth is very conspicuous to ensure proper measures are taken ASAP. During a pandemic, even milliseconds count when preventing the spread of disease.

InstaHealth alerts in three ways:

  1. Fill light flashes red,
  2. Interface flashes red,
  3. Programmable voice announces that the person has a fever.

Ideal For These Industries

Office Buildings




Shopping Malls


An All-in-One Solution

Face Recognition Display

Body Temperature Detection

Face Mask Detection

Stranger Detection

Contactless Display

Temperature Alarm

Real-time monitor

Attendance Control System

Audio (2.5W / 4R speakers)

Binocular Live Detection

Product in Action

See exactly how the AI InstaHealth Check works


For 1pc


For 1pc

Orders are accepted from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK & EU Countries only.

Fevers Be Damned

AI InstaHealth Check – An Altro Source Product
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