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From East to Everywhere

What we offer as a service – Altro Source works as a bridge between East and West for mid-sized to enterprise level companies. Our experience and expertise with local cultural customs and business standards allows us to take a tremendous burden off our client’s shoulders. 

While product sourcing, you likely have ideas in mind for what your business needs. Yet, what if 30 different factories are producing near-identical products? What if each has different capacities for production volumes? 

These are only a couple of the issues that we research and mitigate for our clients, to ensure that product sourcing isn’t something you even need to think about after working with us. We understand your needs – you get exactly what you are looking for.

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Product Sourcing

Costs & Quality

While China is obviously the biggest player in the product market (over 20% of all goods sold in the US are made in China,) Altro Source isn’t just a china sourcing company. We have relationships with product manufacturers throughout East and Southeast Asian countries, because this provides us with a broad set of options to source from.

In turn, that means when our clients tell us what they need, we do the legwork and research to find at that time which source will provide that lowest cost for the highest quality available. Our job is to ensure you grow your business consistently, regardless of changes in economies and currency valuations.

Why Choose Us

Frequently Altro Sourced Categories

While Altro Source can help you buy almost anything wholesale from China and Southeast Asia, the majority of our clients are looking to buy from the following categories of goods:


This includes shoes, raw and assembled textiles, accessories and jewelry. From exotic leathers to rivets for jeans; from headbands to silk products.

Eco-friendly products

Bamboo products are especially popular to buy in bulk from China and Southeast Asian countries. So are products made of 100% or primarily from recycled plastics.

LED Products

Everything from wholesale LED TV screens down to bulk orders of micro LED lights, to bulk orders of LED bulbs for energy efficient warehouses.

Computer & Electronics

While larger companies will often execute R&D on-shore, when it comes time to mass produce items we source electronic components as well as manufacturing.

Home Goods & Appliances

China sourcing is especially popular for ecommerce power-sellers of kitchen appliances and home goods such as cutlery, furnishings and fixtures.

Pet products

Everyone loves cats or dogs, or both. We provide product sourcing for the ecommerce and in-store sector alike for pet product supplies, as well as manufactured products.


We will help you find medical masks (regular and FFP3), gloves, coveralls, sanitizers or any product supplier in China


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